Changes to Circulation & OPAC

Starting on April 5, 2018, you may have noticed that you know can see materials at all Potter and Tioga public libraries in our Online Public Access Computer (OPAC).  The system libraries  migrated to the same circulation software that we use, SPARK.  Therefore, we will now have a Union Catalog of all our materials.  If see something you want to borrow from another library — just tell a staff member, and we will try to borrow it through interlibrary loan.

The P0tter-Tioga Library System is working together to have similar circulation policies.  So, starting on the 5th, all our books and audiobooks will now circulate for only 2 weeks, with 2 renewals.  And, each adult will only be able to check out 3 DVDs at a time.  We know that is not what you are used to — but to be more consistent with the other libraries, we are making this change.  Thank you for your understanding.

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